Still Have Insomnia Even Though Your Lab Test’s Are “Normal”?

Posted on: May 14th, 2015 by Dr. Joel No Comments

Blood tests are VERY important when recovering from Insomnia because they can give critical insight as to what is EXACTLY happening metabolically, and how it is impacting your ability to sleep–BUT they can be extremely broad.

It’s the reason why patients continue to suffer when their doctor has told them that all of their lab tests are “fine.” The answer is because the MD’s lab tests are extremely broad. The ranges vary WIDELY!

Let me give you one example. Let’s say you suffer from a thyroid problem. Because the thyroid controls your body’s metabolism, your MD orders a test, which usually is the TSH (Thyroid Stimulating Hormone).

From your doctor’s perspective, if your TSH level is within the very wide lab range of .35 to 5.0– you’re normal, there’s nothing wrong with you! BUT—and this is a HUGE “BUT”—the OPTIMAL LEVEL or “functional level” for TSH is 1.8 to 3.0.

That’s 1.8-3.0! (healthy) vs .35-5.0 (normal).

Your test could come back at 1.01, or 4.2, and according the the supposed lab ranges, you are told that you are “normal”. However, you fall outside what is considered to be “healthy”.

So you could still be “normal” in the medical doctor’s eyes but abnormal in the functional or optimal range.

The same holds true for all of your child’s lab tests, every single one of them. There are “lab” ranges, which are very broad and “optimal” or “functional” ranges which are much narrower.

Your lab tests could also be “normal”! There is NOTHING wrong with the tests themselves–the problem is that you need a doctor who is going to examine your lab tests from a “functional/optimal” range perspective and NOT from a “lab” range perspective.

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